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The SMA Inner Circle is designed as a low cost way for homebuilders to become associated with and gain management insights from the homebuilding management experts at SMA Consulting. SMA Inner Circle members receive the following benefits and services…

  1. SMA Management Messages delivered to the e-mail address of your choice 33 times per year.
  2. Monthly SMA Inner Circle Live Webinars on relevant management topics for homebuilders.
  3. Access to the online Inner Circle members only area. With downloads of past management messages, webinars and articles.
  4. At least a 10% discount on SMA advertised product and consulting service prices.
  5. Registration discount codes on tuition to live SMA Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences

Low Cost of just $399/year:

For less than the price of a daily coffee/soft drink from your favorite restaurant, you become a member of the inner circle of the homebuilding industry’s only consultancy that is run by builders who have walked in your shoes and created, or helped manage, some of the most successful homebuilding companies in the country.

To sign up for the SMA Inner Circle Program please download the registration form HERE.

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